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Shack Article Layouts Pro 1.1.2
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A flexible way to display articles in Joomla

Shack Article Layouts module allow you to display and create complex layouts with advanced relationships. Separate presentation and content, in articles - the design principle of separating design and content.This is possible thanks to alternative layouts and template overrides.

  • Select and display articles in a module
  • Choose how to present the content

The main features of Shack Article Layouts Pro

Decide which content to display

Shack Article Layouts has parameters to help you decide which articles to display. By exclusion, category, by tag, by author, grouping and more.

Group articles

You can group articles based on tags, category, author and date.

Display the article elements you need

Want to display the article images? You can. Want to hide the read more link? Absolutely! You have control about which elements from articles to display or not.

Support for native alternativelayouts

Shack Article Layouts comes with great pre-built layouts to display content with different designs. Choose an alternative layout and see how your articles adapt to it.

Even better for Joomla developers

Are you a Joomla developer? You can add your own custom layouts. The code for our default layouts is commented, so will be easy for you to create custom layouts for your projects.

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