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VM BE PRO : Batch process & edit Virtuemart Products! 3.8.4 NEW
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This tool can batch process your Virtuemart products in secondes, do not loose your time

What you update in many hours in Virtuemart editing product one by one, can be done in some minutes in VM BE PRO batch processing!

Include now image preview in the list and multiple prices  per product edition.

Side by side product translation and image transfert by URL

 Product batch processing

Your updated product a few seconds! Use the process button to apply a change on all selected products.
You can either use it to add, update or remove unwanted informations.

Cloning is now directly supported too, so you can easy copy your products and product children.

DIsplay thumb and big image in product list

New Bulk Upload Image & import image by URL

Now you can batch upload,delete images,resize main image and modify meta title and description.
You can transfert image from another website using a CSV file the product media get directly saved in the database and file copied to the right folder!

  Import your datas

Supported format .XLS , ODS  et CSV!

There is no need to convert your data in CSV format, as some import component. Use the most popular formats without having to convert all!

Importing multiple sheets

Import all your data at once, preparing on several sheets! Also if you named correctly All sheets can be imported in a single time.
Supports categories, manufacturers, products, and custom fields; even some plugin using only basic parameters.

Now customfields text can be imported in same sheet as product,
Tested with 38 text fields and 2401 products imported in 86 Secondes only!

For more details of supported fields and a valid product sheet:

 Direct inline Editing

You can edit your item directly from the list without loading the edit form.

  Flexible Display Product List

At any time you can hide unnecessary columns or let automatic depending on the size of your screen or in the general configuration you can add or remove unnecessary columns to speed editing of your products.

 Full screen support, so you can switch at any moment from standard to full screen mode.

 Print or view the list

Select the products you want to print directly and visible columns will be printed. You can also, in the same way, show this list (which may be useful to export your list easily into Excel or Open Office).

 Exclusive Features!

Changing or removing the integrated parent product.

Updating prices with operator (+, -, x)

Adding new categories and manufacturers without reloading pages.

Copy the missing languages for multilingual shops and remove it.

Multi image upload and resize.

 All fields included for batch processing.

  • Images (included with upload)
  • Product categories
  • Manufacturer
  • Products related
  • Related Categories
  • Price, discount and taxes
  • Custom fields (not plugin)
  • Weight and dimensions.
  • Status and featured product
  • Page Layout, ...
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