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PayPal Plus for Virtuemart 1.3.32
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Allows you to accept credit cards, without the customer leaving your website.
Available for merchants in Germany and Brazil.
Customers are not required to have a PayPal account to make an order. It allows easier integration progress with all different payment types processed by the one plugin. PayPal figures show this results in a 40% higher conversion rate.

PayPal and Credit Card options are displayed on the checkout page. Allow faster customer checkout. Plugin includes 12 month user support.

Supported Payments

Brazil: Payment methods are Credit Card and PayPal.

Germany: Supported payments includes Credit Card, ELV (direct bank debit) and PayPal.

In this example below the customer is shown 3 different payment methods to choose from. They are displayed in an iframe which is seamlessly integrated into the store's order form.

The payment options are generated directly by the PayPal server and are dependent on the customers billing address and the country of origin of the merchant. Credit card logos are only shown if the plugin is set to live mode. In test mode no logos are shown but the credit card option can still be selected. The direct debit option is also only available in live mode and not test mode.

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