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Virtuemart VivaWallet Gateway Plugin (Vivapayments) 3.8.1
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The VivaPayments / Viva Wallet Virtuemart gateway plugin for Virtuemart 2.x & 3.x enables your customers to conduct online transactions using their credit card (VISA / MasterCard / American Ex / Wallet etc). The transaction is made through the VivaPayments.com system through the Redirection method.

Customer payment is done through the secure webpage of vivawallet.com (VivaPayments.com) with Redirection from virtuemart's checkout page.

The Redirection solution is recommended for businesses that do not want to invest in further security of their infrastructure and prefer to use the prestige of a banking organization to handle online payment.

This ensures both the security of the transactions and the security of the consumer's credit card information.


  • Installation-Configuration Instructions in Greek (pdf)
  • Payment by Redirection in the secure environment of the bank (VISA / MASTERCARD / VISA ELECTRON etc)
  • Refund support by changing the order status from Confirmed to Refund (customizable)
  • Transaction fees are calculated and saved on a base
  • Automatic language detection and preset setting (VivaPayments supports Greek & English only)
  • Translation Files (Greek, English)
  • Ability to test with demo account http://demo.vivapayments.com/en/
  • Dosage Opportunity!
  • Compatible with PSD2 compliance (14/09/2019)
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