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Blog Pro App for ZOO 1.0.0
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Combining multi-functional features and universal layout, Blog Pro App for ZOO is a modern solution for building a blog using ZOO - popular Content Construction Kit for Joomla. The product comes as App with all necessary elements and template layout which is friendly to the popular front-end frameworks and is compatible with the most modern Joomla templates where Uikit and Bootstrap 3 are used.

The main advantage of Blog Pro App for ZOO is a ease of use - it’s enough to install the bundle, use all in one features and start blogging with ZOO.

Views 1,971 Downloads 6
Version 1.0.0 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2019-09-10
Website JED Developer RoundTheme
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 25 € EUR

Key features:

Types of items

The App comes with the following types of the items:

  • Micro Post. Minimal number of elements. The best for small website.
  • Post. Full features. Ideal for active blogging.
  • Page. Type for static content.
  • Author. Information about author.
  • Gallery. Display milti purpose gallery.
  • Video. A page with content from external video service.

Compatible with modern Joomla templates

ZOO comes with simple template layout and its Apps are needed to be compatible with modern Joomla template where front-end framework included. Some template developers provides a support for standard ZOO Apps in their templates, but it's limited within each product. In most cases the App require a new markup to meet Joomla template technical requirements.

Bootstrap and Uikit native support

Blog Pro App for ZOO natively supports modern Twitter Bootstrap 3 and Uikit that makes this Blog App compatible with lot of modern templates where these front-end frameworks are in use. Layout customization no more needed. Just install this App and enjoy!

Please keep in mind that some Joomla templates may use outdated version of front-end framework (I.e. Bootstrap 2). Blog Pro App for ZOO support latest versions of Bootstrap 3 and Uikit.

There are special settings in back-end to force Uikit or Bootstrap 3 to be included (if no front-end framework is loaded from Joomla template). In case of the BS3 it’s also possible to include Font Awesome (optional)

Front-end submission

It’s nothing's easier then to submit articles via front-end now: wherever you are, in travel or at home, you can work on your new blog posts through the user friendly UI and minimize administration actions.

In submission mode all sections are divided by tabs: Content, Media, Meta and Administration. You can easily upload a photo, add a gallery or embed a video from popular services, also manage Open Graph data and just submit a content with a few clicks.

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