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Responsivizer 2.7 HOT
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Make your Joomla site displaying and performing great on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and mobile devices.
You can build a mobile version of your site without additional domains or resources! All is managed inside your Joomla! installation.
Responsivizer is also the most powerful way to speed up your site performance on mobile devices and it's trusted by thousands of Joomla! users that love it as it provides a far superior control to the standard Joomla mobile features.
Responsivizer is capable to override your desktop template on the fly, using its own optimized template only when mobile devices are detected.
Google announced that on April 21, 2015 the mobile-friendly factor will affect the ranking in search results. This means that now nobody can delay or ignore to have a mobile site, the result could be lose ranking and site visibility!

Responsivizer includes every tools and features to manage your Joomla! mobile site:

  • Mobile detection and template switching
  • Joomla! auto configuration for the Google mobile friendly test
  • Native app look and feel – Configure the site to simulate a native mobile app on devices
  • Mobile elements exclusion and inclusion - Exclude or include modules exactly as you need and where you need
  • Adaptation to every Joomla! template - Thanks to a powerful layout framework and the Universal template positions associations™ you can match whatever Joomla! template you are using with Responsivizer
  • Offline cache - Use powerful HTML5 offline cache to make your pages still available when connection is lost
  • Device emulator – The integrated Joomla! mobile device emulator™ let you test how your site will be displayed on multiple devices
  • Template files integrated editor - You can edit template files directly by Joomla! administration
  • Adaptive image resizing and optimization - Speed up your site, save bandwidth using image compression and CSS/JS optmization
  • Custom mobile home page - Choose easily to redirect mobile users to a different specific home page on your site
  • Redirects - Manage redirects for mobile users to specific menu pages
  • Advanced mobile slideshow - Setup easily a fully customizable mobile slideshow that supports touch
  • Multiple themes - Use a set of predefined themes to change layout in a single click, best suited themes are available for Android and iOS look and feel
  • Easy to customize - A lot of settings will let you customize Responsivizer layout without working on CSS and source code
  • Touch optimized - The interface to navigate your site will be optimized for touch devices, to save space and use fingers
  • Advanced mobile menu - You can easily configure up to 4 mobile menus in different positions
  • Desktop version switcher - Mobile users can easily choose to switch to desktop version of your site
  • Mobile click-to-call - Integration with mobile phone number, Whatsapp and Skype
  • Additional features - Mobile social icons and social share buttons, footer area and mobile call number, Google Analytics, logo and more, everything is already included within Responsivizer!
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